Cross-platform application

If you wanted to have a mobile application for iOS(iPhone), Android(such as Samsung ) and also want it to be accessible on web browser. You used to need to spend 3 times more on budget, time and effort because a different platform has its own programing language(s) and process. So, you need to pay for, at least, 3 software developers to build an application for 3 platforms (actually, the same 3 applications). But the nightmare is already gone with ....

"Cross-platform application technology"

Now, you can launch faster, reach a wider audience,
and maintain your product easily.

Shorter time to launch

Businesses don't face a trade-off between developing an application on iOS or Android anymore. Since cross-platform app technology can do both at once. Pioneering the market is possible and gives you an unfair advantage.

Reasonable cost

Like hitting two birds with one stone, the team is smaller but productively launch an application on both platforms .This means that you can pay less than you used to and receive the same result.

Digital transformation is here

It's not a hassle to integrate cross-platform app with an in-house software to have your customers or third-parties  interact with your software directly such as purchasing on the application.

Response to rapid change in the market

The advantage of this technology is the ability to change according to the market situation or customer needs No more plan B or manual works while waiting for your product to keep up with the industry

Handling unexpected incidents well

Changes before deployment are made possible by reusable code which means it requires less time to redo. No more technical team always saying "No" to your request.

Scalability at its finest

Unlike Clubhouse that solely launched on iOS and kept Android users waiting for a while, this technology makes users on both platforms accessible to your product at the same time.