Full-cycle product development

Solve your problems full-cycle with technologies

Technology is the key to businesses' problems whether big or small. But the technologies that suit your problems are just a few. Furthermore, To know how technology can solve your problems holistically(end-to-end) is a totally different thing.

"There's no even a solution available in the market that
really meets our needs"

There're unmet needs that no one starts solving it

"Our organization is traditional, manual works always cause
the same problems"

"Digital transformation! it sounds cool!
but how can we start it?"

Existing team are sharing knowledge.
Sound tough?
Let us explain how we can help you in 7 steps

Step 1

Analyze business challenges

With our business team's knowledge and experience,  we aim to understand the problems your business's facing and turn them into technical requirement and consult with you so that the requirement will be the compass leading solution to the problems

Step 2

Estimate and propose the solution

After the requirement is approved, our technical team will join hands to cherry pick the best solution. By the best, we mean we consider whether effectiveness, user experience, development time, and security. Then, the technical team will have a meeting with business team to get on the same page and finalize the the proposal with detail collectively.

Step 3

Design system

To prepare the system for your visionary goals, we want to make sure that the system as a backbone will serve you best since the beginning and will be able to scale up in the future

Step 4

Start developing

With Agile principle, we work like an army marching together with Sprint methodology. Bi-weekly goals and the way to achieve them will be set and everyone in the team and stakeholders will be constantly updated with the progress in development to make sure that it is on the track.

Step 5

Test repeatedly

To ensure that the outcome meets the requirements, we care about testing process a lot. Plus, we also take the quality, accuracy, and usability into account.

Step 6

Release the product

After everything is all set, we not only launch the product to the store(Apple Store, Play Store) and finish our job here, there is a paper work for legality that we also provide so that your product will be launched smoothly.

Step 7

Maintain performance free for 6 months

Our job is not done yet! After finishing the project, we surely maintain and stabilize the product with no service charge for 6 months